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Apple Announces New DEST Member
Nov 5, 1999

Apple is proud to announce the promotion of Randy Ubillos to the level of Distinguished Engineer, Scientist or Technologist (DEST). DEST is a job classification equal to that of director-level manager. This fosters a career path for our exemplary engineering employees that concentrates on technology rather than management.

Randy UbillosRandy Ubillos, Distinguished Engineer
Senior Architect, Professional Video Group

Widely recognized as one of the "Fathers" of desktop video, Randy was the initial designer, architect, and lead developer of Adobe Premier leading the product from concept to completion and continuing as the lead architect through Version 4. Premier was ground breaking and was considered best-in-class for years. Then came Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Serving as Senior Architect, Professional Video Group, Randy has been the initial designer, architect, and lead developer for Final Cut Pro. His vision and knowledge were the driving forces behind the product that would take the industry by storm. Working at a feverish pitch in the final stretch, Randy and the Final Cut Pro Team released their creation in April 1999. Since then, Final Cut Pro has received extensive accolades from customers and press alike:

  • Emmy Award - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • Maximum Apples from MacHome Interactive
  • MacWorld Four Mice Rating
  • All Around Winner - DV Live's Round-Up of Digital Video Products
  • NAB '99 Editors Choice Award -Videography Magazine
  • Top Rating from BYTE Magazine
  • Millimeter Tommy Award for New Product at NAB
  • DV Magazine Best of Show Award

Randy continues as a key contributor to Final Cut Pro as the product moves toward future releases. His exceptional ability to develop leading edge video architectures and applications help speed the pace of innovation as the team strives to keep ahead in a very competitive marketplace.

Randy has several patent applications currently pending based on inventions he created during Final Cut Pro development.

Selection Process

DEST-level employees are individuals who have shown prominent scientific/technical achievement and sustained outstanding performance, as well as a proven track record with Apple. They represent Apple internally and externally with demonstrated good judgment and leadership in their areas of expertise.

DEST-level employees are nominated by their manager or vice president. Nominees are reviewed by the DEST committee consisting of five or six senior vice president level engineering executives and other high-level engineering executives. Each nominee must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the DEST committee.